I'm Mike...

The programmer.

Coding is my first love. Starting with C & C++. Coding my first terminal games, with basic networking. Moving on to writing 3D Engines for C++ (DX & OGL). Finally making the switch to managed with .NET and porting my Engines to XNA. My skills were born in the fire of Direct X Source Code, so I can thank Microsoft for ruining my code readability for so many years. Years later I have found a home in NodeJS writing distributed software in Javascript.

I'm Mike...

The Deejay.

Here's my music.

There is more music to come, however I am working on a Cavnas Player to stream the music in a better, more elegant and visual way. (Some songs are duplicates, im working on renaming the tracks.

Distorted Soul - Dirty

Distorted Soul - Dark Path

Distorted Soul - Are You Ready (Dub Trip Mix)

Distorted Soul - abstracthiphop

Distorted Soul - cerebrum

Distorted Soul - dancingwiththeelements

Distorted Soul - darkfilthydubstep

Distorted Soul - darkhardtechno

Distorted Soul - darkpsytrance

Distorted Soul - dirty

Distorted Soul - experimentaldirtyhousebeat

Distorted Soul - fidgethouse

Distorted Soul - funkyelectrohouse

Distorted Soul - justgoinsane

Distorted Soul - onchetlaminim

Distorted Soul - triphopabstracthiphopdub

I'm Mike...

The Traceur.

I absolutely love to run. Parkour and Freerunning ( to a lesser extent ), are my favorite past times after programming and music.